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About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting our e-shop.


The idea of building the “Electriders” e-shop started in 2019, while we were searching for an alternative and convinient mean of transportation that in the same time would be ecological, so we could offer to everybody all over the world. After two years in March of  2021 we published our e-shop in which we provide electric bikes after our collaboration with some of the best companies in the field of cycling. Some days after that we accomplished to bring to our eshop special electric scooters for people who prefer that kind of transportation.


Either you like adventure and mountains or a ride in the city, we offer more than 50 unique electric bikes for every kind of use that will handle all the needs you have. In the other hand our electric scooters are also a convenient mean of transportation for adults but also for kids.


Our purpose is to make our customers' life easier and better by providing high quality products in the best prices of the market.


The 3 warehouses that we have in Europe ( Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, ) help us to ship our items as fast as possible, not only in every country in Europe but also all over the world.


We will continue to improve every day by bringing special and “value for money” electric bikes and electric scooters so we can make each purchase worth it.